New Partner—The Care Center of Loveland

Trauma Free World Provides Its World-Class On-Demand Virtual Trauma Training to Staff and Volunteers at The Care Center of Loveland in Ohio

The faith based, community services organization purchases Trauma Free World’s All Access Pass for staff and an initial 100 licenses for volunteers to help them better support its guests who may have been impacted by trauma.

Cincinnati, OH – January 10, 2021Trauma Free World, the 501 (c) (3) organization that provides world-class on-demand and in-person training for adults who assist people who have experienced trauma, announced today they have been selected to provide their resources to The Care Center of Loveland. The non-profit organization provides youth mentoring, life coaching skills, recovery support, financial counseling and more to promote personal advancement, spiritual growth and overall stability throughout the community. It purchased two Trauma Free World (TFW) All Access Passes for staff members and 100 seat licenses to train their first wave of volunteers. The Care Center plans on purchasing more licenses to further equip all of their 250 volunteers.


The Care Center implemented TFW’s curriculum after realizing trauma was hindering the lives of its guests. “We realized that one of the main barriers keeping our guests from thriving in life was healing from prior trauma,” said Greg Knake, executive director of The Care Center. “We also realized that we weren’t equipped to address it. The training that Trauma Free World provides is our solution and they are now a critical partner in helping us become a trauma informed organization.”


“We’re thrilled to be able to assist The Care Center in developing the skills needed to address chronic and complex  trauma hindering those they serve,” said Julie Cooper, vice president of curriculum and training at TFW. “The implications of trauma in individuals’ lives can be extraordinarily deep. Trauma is often one of the main sources of much larger issues like depression, alcoholism, addiction and poverty. When we learn to identify problems at their root, we see a much greater change in the lives of people. Our curriculum enables The Care Center to better achieve their goal of providing a safe space where each person is treated with dignity, respect and care.”


“Volunteers are often on the frontlines at many organizations such as churches, after school programs or wrap-around programs,” said Rob Hall, President of Trauma Free World. “Many organizations, such as the Care Center of Loveland has experienced, can  see a very real impact by helping their volunteers become trauma-informed. Our training can benefit an organization’s volunteers – as well as staff, and help them be more sensitive to the needs of adults and children who may have experienced trauma,” concluded Hall.

About Trauma Free World

Founded in 2020, Cincinnati, Ohio-based Trauma Free World (TFW) is a 501 (c) (3) organization whose mission is to break the cycle of childhood trauma by providing world-class resources through on-demand, live-stream and in-person trauma training that is accessible to anyone – regardless of their literacy level, culture or location. To date, TFW has trained more than 3,500 people from 72 countries, representing over 1,000 organizations to engage with children in supportive, transformative ways which promote healing. More than 250,000 children have benefited so far and the organization plans on exponentially increasing its healing reach in 2021.

About the Care Center of Loveland

The Care Center is a faith based, community services organization that is dedicated to providing care for the whole person. For over 15 years, The Care Center has been offering community assistance, resources and encouragement to help support individuals in need. With over 250 active volunteers, they provide life coaching, financial guidance, spiritual growth, youth mentoring and many more support systems that help individuals all over the community. Visit for more information.


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