Trauma-Informed Care Can Help Hospitality Industry Attract and Retain Employees

Jacob Bastien
Assistant General Manager
The Golden Lamb Inn

"By operating with an understanding of how past trauma can impact individuals today, we can be a positive force in our immediate community."

In the past, the hospitality industry as a whole has garnered a reputation for harboring toxic leadership, fostering dysfunctional work environments, and contributing to self-destructive behaviors. While there may have been some basis for this perception, many of us within the industry are actively working to transform it. Our goal is to cultivate more positive and healthier workplaces

One persistent challenge, particularly in the context of sourcing new hires, stems from these outdated perceptions. To be taken seriously and attract the right individuals, leaders in the hospitality sector must proactively counter these beliefs.

Trauma Free World, and the Trauma Informed Leadership course it offers, can play an instrumental role in steering us toward a more positive trajectory. At the Golden Lamb Restaurant & Hotel, our influence in the local community is substantial. By operating with an understanding of how past trauma can impact individuals today, effectively communicating with those who have experienced trauma, and embracing a perspective of compassion, we can be a positive force in our immediate community.

Despite the current operational shifts and uncertainties our industry faces, at the Golden Lamb Restaurant & Hotel, our turnover remains low, and morale remains high. Reflecting on my past work experiences, I am struck by how different they might have been if my former managers and co-managers had been equipped with the tools and knowledge provided by your course. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with a passion for hospitality.

I cannot express enough appreciation to you and your organization for compiling this material and providing us with access to it. I’m eager to encourage more members of our team to undergo this valuable training soon.

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