Learn new tools to connect with your kids and help them heal.

Welcome Foster & Adoptive Parents!

Caring for children who have experienced abuse, abandonment, neglect or loss can be difficult.
Experiencing this kind of trauma can change a child’s brain, behavior, and belief systems. Understanding trauma and practicing trauma-informed care can help you navigate challenging behaviors, build healthy, positive family dynamics and help children heal. 

Four Great Training Opportunities


Learn to manage overwhelming behaviors and emotions in this one-day, live-stream class that shares several key principles of trauma-informed care. 


This Zoom class, focuses on the 7 essential skills of trauma-informed care. You’ll learn valuable practices that help you build stronger, healthy, life-giving connections with your kids. 


Compassion Fatigue

Caring for kids from tough places is hard. Learn how to  prevent burnout, exhaustion and compassion fatigue in this short on-demand course.


It’s often difficult as parents to find time to care for ourselves. Learning how to do so can help you live fully, even during difficult chapters.

About Trauma Free World

Childhood trauma is a global epidemic. The CDC estimates one billion children have experienced trauma. And  trauma impacts everything – brain development, biology, behavior, and belief systems. The good news? Child development experts have found that specific interventions known as trauma-informed care positively impact a child’s future. 

Our mission is to make world-class trauma-informed care training accessible to adults everywhere, because when adults provide trauma-informed care, children heal. And we all want to see healing and break the cycle of childhood trauma. 

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