Get to a whole new place of parenting or caregiving

Trauma-informed care helps you build stronger connections with trauma-affected kids, giving you and them more hope, more peace, and a brighter future. 

Why Training?

TRAINING can change your life and your days

Parenting and caring for kids is always a lot, but when children or teens have been affected by trauma there are often additional challenges, worries, and emotions to manage.

There’s no doubt about it, trauma has a deep and lasting impact on young people. Even when they may not consciously remember the abuse or neglect, trauma changes how they see the world, and how their brains work, and makes it tough to trust and build healthy relationships.

But there is hope and proof that trauma-informed care training helps adults better help these kids. Take some training today and get new skills that help you connect better, understand more, manage big emotions, and get more peace and positivity in your days.

What training is right for me?

Train on your own or with a group to share IDEAS

We have many courses from a short Overview of Trauma-informed care to our deep dive, 18-hour Advanced Course, and Self-Care, which is so important for caregivers. All are great ideas. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend taking the Intro class with the Companion Guide for Caregivers

The guide breaks up the two-hour Intro course into a manageable four-week plan with self-reflection questions to help you think through how the principles can apply to the kids you care for. In addition, the guide has some group discussion questions if you want to do the training as a small group, couple or family. 

While trauma is a heavy, difficult topic, the training will give you hope and ideas to put into practice immediately. You are doing the most important job and you are not alone. Get some support through our training courses and online communities. 

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How to get started

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select your course

Take the Intro course for Caregivers or choose any on-demand, live-stream or in-person class that fits in your schedule.  

register and create a login

When you purchase your course you’ll be asked to create a login. Login anytime to train at your own pace and start building skills.

start learning

Login and hit the Go To Training button to see your library of courses and start watching and putting the learnings into practice. 

gain tools to better help the young people in your life.

Love and compassion are at the core of good parenting and caregiving, but when it comes to trauma-affected kids and teens, having specific strategies to work through tough situations is critical. Add some additional tools and see some positive change.

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tIPS and testimonials

Trauma Free World's President

be encouraged

Parents and caregivers, be encouraged! You can do this thing! Hear from Trauma Free World’s President, Rob Hall, a few words to keep you going. 

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