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Boosting your impact

In partnering with Trauma Free World, your team is making a commitment to become trauma-informed. Congratulations on the bold step! Practicing trauma-informed care helps you build better connections and have a more positive impact on those you serve and work beside.

The following training is available to you:

  • Overview of Trauma-Informed Care: A 75-minute training to understand basic principles of trauma.
  • Introduction to Trauma-informed Care (In English and/or Español): A deep dive into 4 core principles of trauma-informed care.
  • Self Care: A 30-minute course to help people understand the importance of self care, the different types rest and how to build resilience.

If you have any questions about the training, registering, or logging in please reach out to hello@traumafreeworld.org.

Thank you for being part of a community working to reduce the epidemic of chronic and developmental trauma and, for those who’ve experienced their effects, helping to bring healing.

About Trauma Free World

Trauma changes a person’s brain, biology, behavior, and belief systems – especially, but not limited to, those who experience trauma as children. Without intervention those dealing with trauma’s effects have a greater likelihood of weakened relationships, living in poverty, having learning difficulties, dealing with addiction, and facing increased health risks. The practice of trauma-informed care is a set of interventions that aim to connect with those who have faced chronic or childhood developmental trauma and help put them on a more positive path to healing.

Trauma Free World’s mission is to provide practical trauma-informed care training to everyone so people everywhere can have a chance to heal. For more information and resources, please visit traumafreeworld.org or follow us on our social channels.

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