What Kind of Tired Are You? And 7 kinds of rest.

It’s January and, if you’re like me, you’re still polishing up your goals and figuring out how you can give a few areas in your life a reboot this year. At the same time, my newsfeed over the past few months keeps telling me how many of us are languishing, experiencing anxiety, or feeling constantly […]

What We Don’t Talk Out, We Act Out

I work with Trauma Free World and frequently get to see how trauma-informed care training  changes lives and helps people find hope and healing for themselves and others. I’m a trainer myself, but my primary role is to support our Affiliate Trainers who train people and organizations around the world. This is a story from […]

A new partnership: Adoption-Share

Adoption-Share Integrates Trauma Free World’s Overview Course Into Its Family-Match Program to Better Prepare Prospective Foster and Adoptive Parents Online The platform that brings reform, efficiency and innovation to the private and public domestic adoption arena integrates Trauma Free World’s 60-Minute Trauma Informed Care Overview course as a requirement for Family-Match’s pre-screening process. Once the […]

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