Run a team meeting where everyone can engage

It may seem surprising, but your team meetings could be getting derailed by wounds that are decades old!  70% of adults and 50% of kids have experienced trauma, which, even years later, can fire up the fear brain and shut down the thinking brain. When people’s thinking brain shuts down they have more difficulty with […]

One of the most helpful skills —Active Listening

ACTIVE LISTENING Active listening is one of the most helpful skills we can utilize to help someone involved in active or recent trauma. When we listen to someone, we help carry the weight of their story with them. Studies show that listening to someone’s story is powerfully healing because it reduces anxiety and removes its […]

Processing a Traumatic Event

We have been getting calls from our Affiliate Trainers in Eastern Europe looking for tools to help volunteers and organizations that are trying to help people traumatized from the war in the Ukraine. We also have recently been working with a community of people who were affected by the Oxford High School shooting last year […]

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