A New Partnership—Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati

With the Third Highest Poverty Rate of All U.S. Cities, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati Partners with Trauma Free World to Break the Cycle of Childhood Trauma

The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati (BGCGC), currently serving more than 7,000 youth throughout 12 Clubs in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, implements Trauma Free World’s training to help its 60-person staff develop better skills to serve trauma-affected kids.

Cincinnati, OH – May 5, 2020 – Trauma Free World, the 501 (c) (3) organization that provides world-class on-demand, live-stream and in-person training for adults to care for and support children who have experienced trauma, announced today its partnership with Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati (BGCGC). With on-demand learning, in addition to live-stream and in-person courses, Trauma Free World (TFW) makes world-class, best-practice trauma training available to anyone. Traditionally, this type of coursework almost exclusively  is provided with  an academic focus  for counselors and mental health professionals. TFW courses are designed for all adults – parents, teachers, volunteers, healthcare workers – of any education level. BGCGC will learn key principles and practices of trauma-informed care, how to reduce overwhelming emotions and behaviors in children, best methods to maximize a child’s sense of felt safety, and more.


“Trauma Free World’s content is cutting edge and it has become essential to our work,” said Eric Barber, Program Coordinator at the Wyler Boys & Girls Club in Eastgate. “We’re on the front lines daily helping a diverse population of kids, many of whom are dealing with the effects of complex trauma. Clubs often find themselves in the unique position of being one of the few safe environments for the kids they serve. Therefore, growing in empathy, understanding, and enhancing skills related to trauma-informed care is critical to the success of fulfilling our mission. For any youth organization, you need to have Trauma Free World,” concluded Barber.

BGCGC, presently serving more than 7,000 youth in 12 Clubs in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, has initiated childhood trauma training with its 60-person staff with Trauma Free World’s (TFW) research-based resources. BGCGC selected the Intro to Trauma-Informed Care course as well as weekly live-stream Zoom Q&A sessions with a trauma trainer and coach. In addition, TFW is partnering with the Ohio State School of Social Work to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research with BGCGC staff to obtain measurable results about how the training impacts and improves staff knowledge and skill.


Numerous studies have shown poverty is often linked to trauma and the latest American Community Survey reveals that approximately 40% of children in the city of Cincinnati – more than 26,000 kids – live below the federal poverty level. TFW’s partnership with BGCGC expands the organization’s ability to better support more children in the areas served that are dealing with trauma.


“It’s incredibly powerful to think that when organizations, like BGCGC, take the step toward becoming trauma-informed that they are on the path to being even more effective in their mission – changing a child’s future, the future of a city, and breaking the cycle of both poverty and abuse,” said Rob Hall, President of Trauma Free World.

Visit https://traumafreeworld.org/ to learn more.

About Trauma Free World

Founded in 2020, Cincinnati, Ohio-based Trauma Free World (TFW) is a 501 (c) (3) organization whose mission is to break the cycle of childhood trauma by providing world-class resources through on-demand, live-stream and in-person trauma training that is accessible to anyone – regardless of their literacy level, culture or location. To date, TFW has trained more than 3,500 people from 72 countries, representing over 1,000 organizations to engage with children in supportive, transformative ways which promote healing. More than 250,000 children have benefited so far and the organization plans on exponentially increasing its healing reach in 2021.

About Taylor University’s Orphan & Vulnerable Children (OVC) Program

Focused on working with refugees, foster children, orphans, and also anti-trafficking efforts, Taylor University’s Orphans & Vulnerable Children major equips students in best practices designed to serve vulnerable children in global and local contexts by meeting their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. The OVC major incorporates classes from Public Health, Missions, Education, Social Work, Psychology, and Anthropology. The program’s unique courses provide an overview of the current struggles vulnerable children worldwide face regularly.

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