Trauma Free World partners with 91 Place

Jill Osikowicz, from 91 Place

Equipping mentors to help homeless youth heal from trauma


Who is 91 Place?

91 Place is a home for homeless youth, with community, relationships, and a familial environment at its core. We aim to be a safe place for homeless youth to live, grow, and thrive. Residents are adolescents transitioning to adulthood, ages 17-22, and are able to stay for up to two years. This gives them time-bound space to further their education, obtain a job, save money, and create healthy relationships. 

What do you do?

Through our life skills curriculum and mentorship program, our residents learn the skills they need to be independent adults. With therapy and trauma-responsive care, they heal from years of trauma.

Why are you partnering with Trauma Free World?

We love partnering with Trauma Free World because it gives us access to the professional level training we need. We use the Trauma Informed Care Overview for all of our community mentors. Community mentors are adults outside of our staff that are paired one on one with a youth in our program. Our mentors have great hearts and great relational skills and this training gets them to the next level to be able to mentor our youth with a right understanding of trauma care. 

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