Trauma Free World partners with Cru

Marcia Post 
Team Leader of Kentuckiana Cru
People Care Coordinator, Campus Ministry Cohorts 9 & 11

Trauma awareness is increasingly becoming a necessity in order to serve and teach others

Trauma awareness is increasingly becoming a necessity in order to serve and teach others in our missional context appropriately. To holistically disciple a student in the campus ministry, staff & volunteers are wise to ask, “What might be behind this behavior?” and seek to make room for the Holy Spirit to move in the heart matters of a person, rather than just focus on the surface behaviors. 
Trauma Free World has multiple resources available that help even the novice discipler understand the general implications of trauma and how it affects a person. Sometimes (and unfortunately in a growing number of cases), trauma is what is behind the unhealthy behaviors. This training served to help me (in the campus ministry) love disciples more holistically and also know when to point them to professionals when trauma was evident in their lives. It spurs on ministry that serves the whole person!
I think this would be a valuable resource to offer staff in all of Cru’s divisions! 

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