Trauma Free World partners with Efecto Esperanza

This amazing organization is not only learning trauma-informed care, but training others and working with Unicef to build stronger foster families in Mexico.


Who is Efecto Esperanza?

Efecto Esperanza is changing the care of vulnerable children and adolescents by providing family-based solutions. Efecto Esperanza has partnerships in several Latin American countries, which are also pioneering family-based care: Chihuahua, Mexico; Santa Rosa, Honduras; and Siguatepeque, Honduras.

How did we end up working together?

We have been working with Daniela Cuevas the director from Michoacán because she received our TCC training and assessment in the foster care and volunteer program.

Why are we excited to parnter with them?

We are excited to partner with them for many reasons! They are a ministry partner of our parent company, Back2Back Ministries and Daniela Cuevas (the director from Michoacán) is an affiliate trainer with Trauma Free, so we already had close ties. In addition, they are working with UNICEF to support the foster program in Mexico, so we are excited to see them incorporating trauma-informed care which will help bring stronger foster families. 

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