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We can hardly wait to be with you at the UN Delegates Dining Room on October 17th. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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The United Nations

Delegates Dining Room

Private Dining Room 1

46th St & 1st Ave

New York, NY 10017

No stress. We will have hosts to guide you through street-level security, check-in, and escort you to the meeting room.


Hotels near the UN

Millennium Hilton One UN Plaza


Hyatt Grand Central New York

Courtyard Manhattan/Fifth Avenue


The Trauma Free World team is staying at the Millennium.

Dates & Times

Monday, October 16, 2023

 6:00 pm –  8:30 pm   Optional Meet & Greet


 We’d love to buy you a drink. Meet in the Ambassador Grill & Lounge in the Millennium Hilton New York One UN Plaza.

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

 7:30 –  7:45   Pass through security, please arrive by 7:25 am

 8:00 –  8:20   Plated breakfast provided

 8:20 – 11:00  Presentations and discussion

11:00 – 11:05 Quick Group Photo

11:15 – 12:00 Tour of the UN to follow (optional)

12:00 – 2:00 Lunch at the Ambassador Grill in the Millennium
(optional for anyone who wants to keep the conversation going)

* A few important logistics to note:

  • Security is similar to TSA/Customs – please be ready to move through efficiently, we will be able to chat more once we’re in the room
  • No water bottles/liquids allowed through security
  • We must be out of our meeting space at 11:15 sharp and there is no place to store luggage/belongings so please try to stow luggage at your hotel, and, if you’re going on the tour, please be mindful that you’ll need to carry everything you bring.
  • We are planning to capture photos and share via social media with the hashtag #traumatalks. Please feel free to share pictures and thoughts and tag @traumafreeworld and use #traumatalks.  If for any reason you would like to be excluded from pictures or not be tagged, please just let Rob Hall ( or Jill Mairn ( know.
Orange Grunge Line

Meet an amazing group of people

Orange Grunge Line

Profiles & BIOS

We are thrilled and grateful to have so many talented experts coming together. Here is the team of people who will be meeting in New York. Click on the name to view their LinkedIn profile or bio to learn more.

SVP, Youth Development

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Co-founder & Partner

Alliance Practice, LLC


TXG Foundation

Co-founder & Partner

Alliance Practice, LLC


Partnerships for Social Change

SVP, Training & Curriculum Development 

Trauma Free World

Assistant Professor

The Ohio State University College of Social Work

Chief Research, Development & Innovation Officer (Retired)

Procter & Gamble

Chief Executive Officer

Clifford Beers Community Health Partners

Futurist, Founder & Principal

Build & Blaze, UN Special Advisor

Co-Executive Director

Back2Back Ministries

Co-Executive Director

Back2Back Ministries


Trauma Free World

Co-Chair, Global Reference Group for Children in Crisis, Oxford University

Senior Technical Advisor at World Without Orphans



Chief Innovation Officer

SIL International


Trauma Free World

Founder & CEO

HVAC Technologies

Senior Strategy Advisor

World Vision


Aura Health

Managing Partner

5th Element Group PBC


CAFO Institute for Family-Centered Healing & Health

Executive Director

Mindful Philanthropy

National Program Manager

American Bible Institute

Founder & Principal Investigator


President & CEO

Dave Thomas Foundation

Campaign Director

Our Hopeland

Executive Director

Trauma Healing Institute at the American Bible Society


Australian Childhood Foundation

If you would prefer to link to a different bio, please let us know.


Specific topics, times and speakers

07:25 – 07:45 – Security Screening Window (it’s critical to allow enough time for this)

08:00 – 08:20 – Plated breakfast and getting settled in

08:20 – 09:00 – Welcome – The Movement and an Alliance to Empower it

09:00 – 09:55 – Radically Reinventing the Power of Trauma-informed Care – Defining the challenge and what an AI-driven global solution could look like (including a demo)

09:55 – 10:05 – Brief Break

10:05 – 10:50 – Activating the Foundations for a Powerhouse Alliance – Bringing the world’s best “trauma coach in your pocket” to life  

10:50 – 11:00 – Closing and Next Steps


Videos, backgrounders and questions to help us all begin to engage in thinking about tech and trauma so we can make the most of our time together. 

Dr. Julie Cooper on childhood trauma

Dr. Julie Cooper has extensive experience training adults around the world in trauma-informed care, as well as developing curricula for caregivers, business leaders, governments, and organizations. In this short video, Julie talks about the incidence and impact of childhood trauma as well as the power of trauma-informed care to help kids heal.

Jon Hirst on global translation

As we think through the idea of developing an AI-driven trauma coach that could be available to anyone, anywhere, on any device, tackling the challenge of global translation is a must. Being able to effectively and efficiently translate allows us to tap into the best, research-based trauma resources from around the world and ensure that they are culturally relevant to multiple communities. Listen in to hear Jon Hirst of SIL International talk about the power of AI, large language models and community-based translation.

Dr. Joe Tucci on mobilizing knowledge

Dr. Joe Tucci of the Australian Childhood Foundation will be joining us all the way from  Australia! In this short video, he talks about why he’s excited about sharing his vast library of resources and join forces with others to help trauma-affected children.  As he says, the more informed we all are, the better outcomes we will see for kids everywhere. The key is mobilizing knowledge! Powerful.

Ed Martin talks about “omniwins”

I met Ed a few years ago and he taught me the term “omniwin”, where multiple players can all win by pursuing an initiative together. In this video, Ed talks about the power working together can have and how excited he is to see this group of people who all care about mental health come together. Many of you know Ed already, but if you don’t, in this quick video, you’ll get a sense of why he inspires all of us to look for bigger opportunities to lift each other up. Making a big difference is possible!

Questions to start thinking about

We will be talking about how to build the strongest solution to help trauma-affected kids around the globe and to do that, we want to borrow from some of the best practices that are already at work. A few questions to consider…

  • How have you encountered AI as a tool that allows you to be more effective, more efficient, or makes your life easier?

  • What examples of AI have you seen lately that are effective in helping drive positive social change? What can we learn from them?

  • When we are considering developing the world’s best AI-powered trauma coach, one of the questions we will need to wrestle with is, what resources does the AI rely on? What establishes those resources as the best and safest available?  And in what areas will we need to consider establishing some standards to ensure we’re creating the best possible tool?  

  • What alliances or large collaborative groups have you been a part of that have been extremely effective? What can we learn from how they operate?

Any questions, thoughts? We'd love to chat.

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