With a background in education and counseling, Rob specializes in disruptive education methods, using a multi-cultural lens to ensure training is widely accessible and understood. His focus at Trauma Free World is to build a culture and develop teams that bring world-class training to individuals with different learning styles and needs.

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How Coaches Can Build More Resilient Teams

In athletics it’s often the off-season that really makes the difference for in-season success. Getting stronger. Building skill. Making adjustments. Updating strategy. Reinforcing culture. Team

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The Call We Didn’t Want to Get.

In every business there are partnerships and clients you don’t want. And, let’s be honest, Trauma Free World is no different. But, perhaps, our reasons

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Partnering with CESA to Train Educators

Trauma Free World Creates Custom Podcast Series to Train Faculty and Staff at The Council on Educational Standards and Accountability (CESA) Schools The four-part podcast


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