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Actor John Krasinski’s Some Good News Network Selects Trauma Free World to Receive Donations from Some Good Merch and Starbucks Foundation

The online news show, created by actor and filmmaker John Krasinski, is dedicated to delivering good news stories, while also making good things happen through its Some Good News (SGN) Store partnership with cause e-tailer Sevenly.org. The non-profit that provides adults with world-class childhood trauma training will receive donations from Some Good Merch, while the Starbucks Foundation is matching donations from purchases on the platform up to $1M.

Cincinnati, OH – June 17, 2021Trauma Free World, the 501 (c) (3) organization that provides world-class on-demand, live-stream and in-person training for adults to care for and support children who have experienced trauma, announced today it has been selected by Some Good News (SGN) to receive donations through its Some Good Merch platform. The online show that was created by John Krasinski and recently sold to ViacomCBS, selected Trauma Free World as one of the four national/global organizations to receive donations through Some Good Merch. The other three organizations selected were the Boys and Girls Club of America (Youth Resources), World Central Kitchen (Hunger), and Frontline Responders (Direct Relief). SGN has become a global movement with nearly 6 million followers, 155 million program views, and worldwide impressions of almost 1.2 billion. Krasinski’s recent partnership with The Starbucks Foundation will deliver even more impact for those in need with its pledge to match the first $1M in proceeds from SGN merch sales.


Some Good Merch is the official SGN store with designs submitted by the Some Good News community with tees, mugs, posters and more. Sold through the cause e-tailer Sevenly platform, all proceeds go directly to the non-profit organizations. Shoppers choose one of the recipients for each item they buy. 


“With 70% of adults and at least 50% of children experiencing complex trauma, our new partnership with Some Good News is a fantastic opportunity to spearhead change,” said Rob Hall, president of Trauma Free World. “It will provide us with more resources to train individuals and organizations, especially as trauma continues to escalate during the pandemic. Right now, we are all being affected by trauma— worldwide our families, workplaces, schools and communities are experiencing the trauma of COVID-19 and systemic racism on top of dealing with the lasting impacts of childhood abuse, neglect or abandonment. Our goal is to train everyone, everywhere. With a working knowledge of trauma, people can better understand how to care for and interact with each other in healthier ways, making the world a better, more positive place. That certainly seems like some much needed good news!”


What makes Trauma Free World unique is its goal to make world-class, best-practice trauma training accessible to anyone in the world. This type of training most often is provided in an academic setting for counselors and other mental health professionals. But Trauma Free World’s training is designed for all adults – parents, teachers, volunteers, healthcare workers, business professionals – of any education level. With on-demand learning in addition to live-stream and in-person courses, Trauma Free World’s training has been completed by more than 3,500 people from 72 countries.


Trauma’s impact is enormous, so much in fact that traditional methods of parenting, teaching and interacting often don’t work and can re-trigger emotional trauma,” said Julie Cooper, senior vice president of training and curriculum at Trauma Free World. “However, there are specific interventions and approaches, known as trauma-informed care, that can change lives. Training everyone, everywhere in these new ways can break the cycle of trauma and promote healing and healthy relationships. The donations through our new partnership will help us in our mission to make this curriculum more accessible worldwide. We’re thankful to Some Good News, Sevenly and the Starbucks Foundation for their support and for making it easy for anyone to help TFW train adults to provide more healing to kids each time they purchase a T-shirt, mask, tote bag or other item at SGN.”


Visit https://traumafreeworld.org/ to learn more.

About Trauma Free World

Founded in 2020, Cincinnati, Ohio-based Trauma Free World (TFW) is a 501 (c) (3) organization whose mission is to break the cycle of childhood trauma by providing world-class resources through on-demand, live-stream and in-person trauma training that is accessible to anyone – regardless of their literacy level, culture or location. To date, TFW has trained more than 3,500 people from 72 countries, representing over 1,000 organizations to engage with children in supportive, transformative ways which promote healing. More than 250,000 children have benefited so far and the organization plans on exponentially increasing its healing reach in 2021.

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